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Hatchet Cay/Placencia/Belize City – Day 7

We all gathered for breakfast at about 0715, our last meal together before we board the boat, at 0830,  for the trip back to Placencia,

Final photo of Pat as she goes bananas
Final photo of Pat as she goes bananas

were all hoping to remain dry but everyone has a plan for a change of clothing, etc. (Note: Great ride to Placencia and all remained dry) 

We arrived at the dock and unloaded, and Bill Allen disappeared? He was shut out of Nutella Gelato the other day so get went to Tuttifrutti to see if he could get some before he left.

Bill Allen's dreams come true.
Bill Allen’s dreams come true, Nuttella in stock.

Placencia_AirportWe all loaded into two vans for the short trip to Placencia Airport. We board the plan and we were off for Belize City.

We arrived Belize City 35-minutes later and we headed for the main terminal to check in to our flights.  Ours was the only flight available for checkin, so everyone when to the bar, I know — Shocking!

The group at Belize City, Mark and Pris are behind the camera.
The group at Belize City, Mark and Pris are behind the camera.

When we checked in there was another 80 baptist kids retuning from their mission so Pat and I oped to upgrade to First Class.

We then passed through immigration and security, and got a beer!  We boarded the flight at about 12:15, enjoyed the First Class amenities of free drinks, a pretty good lunch, comfortable seats and the flight to Charlotte, then back to reality of coach for the last leg of 1-hour flight to Richmond, of course our bags were still tagged Priorit so they first off the plane and we were on the Park-and-Go shuttle and first off and home by 2200.

Hatchet Caye – Day 6


Today is our last full day on the island and we woke, about 0700 to a storm moving in, very windy, with a little rain but booming thunder in the distance – Island Life!

This is our usual morning view:

A typical Belize morning sunrise.
A typical Belize morning sunrise.

Breakfast at about 0800 of Eggs Benedict for me and Pat had Chilaquiles; a layered egg and tortilla and cheese dish.  It continues to rain, but that’s fine we going to get together at about 1130 for movies at the Lionfish Grill onmenu the covered deck.  Then we will have lunch and maybe another movie if the rain continues.

We were unable to do the movies because it was too light, so we will eery during dinner.  Pat and I have pretty much packed up so we will be ready to go tomorrow.  I believe we are scheduled to depart Hatchet at 0830, but everything is island time so who knows.  We are hoping for a dry ride back to Placencia, but will pack a change of clothes on the top of the suitcase.

I bought a Hatchet Caye Tee shirt to add to my formal wardrobe.

Last Day Group Photo
Last Day Group Photo

Shannon, Brian, Ashley and Zac left this morning.  Zac & Ashley, the couple we met from Houston are headed back home and Shannon and Brian are leaving early morning from Belize City for California (home).

Hatchet Caye – Day 5


We woke to rain, which is a good thing because the cisterns on the island have been low and they been running the desalinators.  we sat on our cabana deck and then opted for an early breakfast of fruit and yogurt and french toast.

We explored the island a bit and then back to our deck to work on the blog and Pat is doing some reading.  Its been raining on and off most of the morning, the sky now looks clear and we may head to the pool (1143).

Pat and I have opted for a private dinner on the beach if the weather holds.

Our private dinner
Our private dinner


I set up a majuba account for everyone to park their photos of the trip so we can share them among the group.

IMG_5028 IMG_5026

Dinner by Candle light
Dinner by Candle light

Update: Our private dinner on the beached when as scheduled and it was nice to have a romantic evening on a tropical island, so we can cross that off our bucket list.



Hatchet Caye – Day4


Breakfast this morning was Egg Benedict for Mike and Chocolate Chip Pancakes for Pat.  We laid around the pool and relaxed after

Lion Fish and chips
Lunch – Lion Fish and chips

yesterdays snorkeling trip to the reef.

Lunch – Quesadillas

Lunch entries:

Reef Burger of red snapper
Lunch – Reef Burger of red snapper

Dinner was an appetizer of raw amberjack ,  grouper 2 ways, and barracuda 2 ways, courtesy of Mark, Dave and Bill who went fishing. Unfortunately everyone was in such hurry to try the fish, no photos were

Shrimp Nachos
Lunch – Shrimp Nachos

taken. This was followed by Hatchet Caye surf and turf of Lobster and ribeye with garlic mash potatoes.   Every thing was delicious.

We passed on dessert of lime pound cake.

Hatchet Caye – Day 3


Breakfast this morning at about 7:30 because were departing for Glovers Reef Atoll for a day of diving (others)and snorkeling (Pat & Mike).  We do not have a lot of photos because we only took the GoPro Hero 3+.

After returning Pris decided I should wear my hair this way.

The Guy Fieri look
The Guy Fieri look

The water proof pouch that I bought from REI for my iPhone leaked on the first days test so it will be going back.

Lucky I was testing in waste deep water!

Glover Reef Atoll
Glover Reef Atoll


Hatchet Caye – Day 2


The lagoon Float

Monday was pretty much a day of doing nothing, we spent some time out on the float in the lagoon, sat by the pool and explored a little more about the people we were on the trip with.

Pat did get up on the paddle board for a tour of the lagoon as well.  Everyday when we came back to the cabana and in the morning Pat would watch for this little IMG_0016sand shark that got lost inside the reef around the island.IMG_1866

Richmond/Belize City/Placencia/Hatchet Caye – Day 1


We departed Richmond at 0655 and arrived Belize InternationalAirport at about 1130 central time, via Charlotte (CLT).  We passed through immigration and then we found our way to the baggage claim and then to the Duty Free shop for another couple bottles of vodka for the crew.  Next we claimed our luggage and cleared customs.

We made our way to the Maya Island Air

Maya Island Air
Maya Island Air

and check our bags and headed for the gate area to await our flight to Placencia where we would be picked up by the Hatchet Caye staff and transported to their land based office to boad the boat for the Caye.  The plane, a Cessna 208 Caravan, was a small one the held 11 passengers and one passenger sat adjacent to the pilot, there were only 6 of on board.  We were in the first row behind the pilot, and although we were unable to see over the cockpit dash we dis get a couple of videos of the landings.  We stopped at Dangriga on the way to our final destination, flight time about 30 minutes.

Dangriga, BelizeWe arrived Placencia at about 1305 and the crew collected our baggage, however we had to make a stop at Tropical Airlines, next door to pick up 3 people coming down from Ambergris Caye for a few days of Scuba diving, Lucy, Lily and Dennis, they are from Massachusetts but own a property on the Ambergris but rent it out and had to depart their house for an incoming rental.

We hooked up with
debbie_billBill, Debbie, Cherie and Dave in Placencia, they had arrived a couple of days early and were explore the area, we heard about their trip up the Monkey River which sounded IMG_5037adventurous and then we all when over to Tutti-frutti for Gelato. The boat ride to the day was pretty rough, the wind was enough to cause white caps in the Caribbean Sea, about 10-12 knots I guess, we arrived wet but refreshed, after all it a a part of paradise.

Hatchet Caye is a private island on the edge of the Gladden Spit and Silk Cayes Marine Reserve. Seventeen miles east of Placencia Village, Belize, this tranquil jewel is on the protected side of the Meso-American reef; the second longest in the world.


Ariel view of the Caye
Ariel view of the Caye

Our location N16 28.010 W88 04.102

IMG_1906We checked it to our hutch IMG_5004and the staff delivered our luggage. IMG_5030After a brief unpacking and putting on bathing suits we hooked up with everyone at about 1400 at the pool had our first Pink Panty of the trip, and not our last,  We met everyone at cabana 9 for drinks about 1900 and then we all had had dinner together

Conch Fritter, actually lobaser because conch is out of season
Conch Fritter, actually lobaser because conch is out of season, bummer! This were much better!


Hatchet Caye Lobaser with burbling sauce
Hatchet Caye Lobster with burblanc  sauce, island style,  very light.
Oreo cheesecake, all desserts were homemade by Dasha the Island Manager
Oreo cheesecake, all desserts were homemade by Dasha the Island Manager

at about 1930 until about 2230 the off to bed.