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Grand Caymans – Day 2

IMG_2882Cayman Turtle Park

History of Turtles in the Caymans –

The people of the Cayman Islands have a history tied to the turtle. In the 1600 and 1700’s the Cayman Islands IMG_2893became a provisioning stop for vessels sailing the Caribbean because of an abundance of green sea turtles, which could be caught and kept alive on board turtlefarmas a source of fresh meat. Permanent settlements developed on the Cayman Islands in the seventeenth century and turtling became a means of income as well as providing a local source of food.

IMG_2898However, the turtles around the islands were depleted by the early 1800’s and the turtling industry focused around the Miskito Cays off the coast of Nicaragua. The Cayman turtling fleet continued operating at a sustained level until the early 1900’s. By this time turtle populations were dwindling and, in subsequent years, national and international regulations and alternative sources of income reduced the turtling industry to a negligible level. The appearance of the turtle on the Cayman Islands’ flag, seal and currency reflects the close association the people have to the turtle.

We first had breakfast at Cimboco just a short walk from out cold, IMG_2890excellent breakfast 5 for 5 and add unlimited coffee for 99-cents (CI).  Then we headed for the Tuttle Farm and shark feeding, turtle feed and playing with the Turtle.

Tonights Cocktail was Pina Colada.



Diner was at Stingers Bar and Restaurant.